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Things To Consider When Doing A Garage Conversion In Los Angeles


As most Californians know the rule that allows for ADUs has been passed and it is leading the way to many homeowners deciding to convert their garages.

These additional dwelling units can be converted using garages that are attached or ones that are detached.

Creating the extra space means that a growing family has more room and the family where the children have moved out now have a space that they can use as a rental.

It’s also a great idea for those that are looking to generate some income with their property while still living in it.


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Similar to converting an attic or a basement into a space that is livable, the garage can have the same type of conversion.

This is quickly becoming one of the favorite conversions for a garage in Los Angeles since the passing of the law that now allows for ADUs.

If you decide to do a garage conversion you will have to make sure that it complies with some requirements.

You’ll need to make sure that it meets those requirements before you do any type of construction.


garage conversions costs

When it comes to the actual cost of doing the conversion it will depend on when you have it done

garage conversions for rent

It is absolutely okay to rent out a garage conversion when it is done legally. In fact, this is one of the very things that is leading to the popularity of this type of conversion in the city.

How To Do A Legal Garage Conversion In LA

One of the most important things you’ll need to do for a legal garage conversion in LA is to get a permit for it before you ever start any kind of construction. Once you have the permit then it’s simply a matter of doing a conversion that meets the specifications allowed by law.

Garage Conversions Have Fewer Requirements To Meet Regulations

 One of the big advantages that is leading the way to the popularity of this type of conversion in Los Angeles is the fact that when you convert a garage to an ADU, it has fewer requirements that must be met compared to other additional dwelling units you might consider doing on your property.

This means it is an easier decision because it’s less red tape and it has a lot of potential benefits to go along with it. As well, it will add value to the property.

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Once you’ve decided to do the conversion you’ll have to get an appropriate permit. You can go to the Department Of Building And Safety for the permit.

They will help you understand any regulations that need to be met and they’ll tell you what needs to be done in order to get approved for your permit.

They are there to help you understand the full process before you ever get started on converting your garage.

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It’s understandable why someone would like to convert their garage into a living space, in California, with the sizes of properties, and the growth of families it’s essential.

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What Are Some Of The Requirements That Need To Be Met For A Permit When Converting A Garage In Los Angeles?

Every neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles will have different zoning. Your home must be in a zone designed for single-family homes. This is the only type of residential zone where the city allows an ADU to be constructed.  When you go in to apply for your permit you can verify that your home is in an area that allows this type of conversion.

If you want to construct an ADU  it is necessary to already have an existing home on the property. The rules say that a property that doesn’t already have a house on it cannot be approved for an ADU.  If the additional dwelling unit can fit on the property then it is allowed. This means that converting your garage is something that’s definitely possible.


The rules do stipulate that you can’t add more than one additional dwelling unit to a property. If a property has an attached garage as well as a detached garage then it isn’t possible to convert both spaces into an additional dwelling unit.  The property owner would have to choose which one and convert only one of them.

 Once an ADU conversion has been done it must be sold with the property if the owner ever sells it. The two cannot be sold separately. In most cases, this isn’t a problem because most people in Los Angeles are converting garages that are attached to the home.

 The homeowner doesn’t have to reside in the house where he converts a garage to an ADU. If a homeowner has a house that they rent out and then they convert their garage to another rental then they can rent both spaces. This is perfectly within the rules for converting a garage and renting each space to different tenants is perfectly acceptable.

Can I Rent Out A Garage Conversion In Los Angeles?


It is absolutely okay to rent out a garage conversion when it is done legally. In fact, this is one of the very things that is leading to the popularity of this type of conversion in the city.
When someone does a garage conversion in Los Angeles and then rents it out, they can add monthly income as well as have the tenant pay for a part of the mortgage on the house. It isn’t even necessary for the homeowner to actually live in the main residence.


It is allowed by law to rent out the main house and the ADU. This means if an investor owns a property that they have rented out and they convert the garage into an apartment as an additional dwelling unit they can also rent that out.

Now the same property has two rental incomes rather than only one. A homeowner can choose to live in the house and rent out the ADU or even the other way around and it can be a great way to reduce the costs of homeownership.

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With the ability to convert a garage into an additional dwelling unit it means that investors can substantially increase the value of their investment.

By taking a single-family home that would only get one rent, it can be converted into a  two-income property. This maximizes the investment.

How To Choose The Right Garage Conversion Contractor

Just as it is with any type of home improvement, one of the main keys to doing it successfully is to find the right contractor. There’s no question that you want to use someone that is reputable and preferably has experience with doing garage conversions. If the contractor has specific experience with this type of work then they will be better able to help you get the perfect conversion.

When you start your search make sure to look online for reviews to make sure there’s nothing to be concerned about with a particular contractor.

Also, ask the contractor if they can give you the names of some of their previous customers to call on and ask about their experience with that contractor. Many of them will provide previous customers and some are even proud to do so.

As well as checking the reputation of a contractor you also want to know that you’re getting a competitive price. Never accept the offer of the first contractor that comes and speaks with you.

Always have a few that come and give you an estimate on the cost of the work. If you find one that just seems perfect for the job then you might go with them but in most cases, there will be a few highly reputable contractors that you can choose from with the confidence that they will do a good job.

Once you’re confident that they’re going to do a great job then the next thing is that they will do it as affordably as possible. There’s no reason to pay more than you have to.

Never make your decision based solely on the price as that might lead you to select a contractor that will have poor workmanship. But once you know that you are confident in the contractor’s experience and ability then the price does matter.

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