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What Is The Average Cost Of Doing A Garage Conversion In Los Angeles?

When it comes to the actual cost of doing the conversion it will depend on when you have it done as well as what contractor does the work for you and what types of material you choose to use.

There are even times of the year that are busier for contractors and this means if you have the work done during the offseason then you might find that the price is lower. This will mean that it’s important to shop around and get a good price.

On average in Los Angeles, a garage conversion will run somewhere between $50,000 up to $100,000. Those averages demonstrate the cost of a wide range of different projects that residents have had done.
The overall complexity of the particular conversion you’re wanting will play a large factor in determining its final price. It’s recommended that you factory in 20% for unknown incidentals.




An example of when the estimated cost might be less than the final cost would be where the contractor finds that it is necessary to alter the original plan. This could come up because of a variety of reasons.
It may be that the original plan is not going to meet certain specifications that are required or it could be some issue with the property that requires some alteration.

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General Cost Estimation For A Garage Conversion In Los Angeles


Once you know essentially how you want your conversion then you’ll need to contact a contractor to perform the work. You need to consider the types of material that you want to use and any special considerations related to your particular home. Then discuss in detail with the contractor what the cost estimation will be for the conversion.

As discussed above, on average it ranges up to $50,000. Certainly, it is possible to do less than that and again, it will depend on the size of the conversion, the materials used, and any complexities involved in the conversion.

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